Life Changing Programmes

Workshops and Facilities

If I can make a positive difference and help at least one person a day to improve his/her life, then that was a great day

           ~ Adél Dreyer


Vision Board Workshop

Without having a dream, a vision, the hope for a bigger and better you who would achieve more than you are at any particular moment, life becomes a dreary and mundane existence.

people exercising

Weight Loss & Confidence Workshop

Workshops are undertaken across the country and with these specific topics, the goal is to find the reason for being overweight and if and how that hampers one’s confidence.

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Specialised Health and Wellness Centre

For those who wish to visit Adél in person, her Health and Wellness Centre has officially opened in Bredasdorp in the Overberg. However, her expertise, advice and treatment options offered at the Centre are available online as well.