Motivational Speaker & Life Coach

Empowering people to achieve personal goals, with inspiring workshops, and real-time motivation to live your best life!

Lively and Energetic, Adél will lift you up (she has a black belt in karate) and place you solidly in First Position (being a Professional Dance Instructor with 24 years experience) and before you can say Bredasdorp (where she is based) you will be as fit and self-disciplined as a well-trained K9 dog! ( (Adél is the owner of the only Dog Training School in the Overberg)

Motivational Speaker Overberg

Motivational Speaker

Motivational talks that are tailor-made for your event, available for corporate events, functions, conferences, meetings productions, teambuilding, fundraisers, networking events or a Special Events’ Day – and you can be certain that your audience will be enthralled by her message, generously sprinkled with a healthy dose of laughter.
Motivational Speaker and Life Coach Overberg

Life Coach

Passionate to see people succeed in life, Adél challenges herself to do better daily and not to back down when facing challenges. As life-coach, she is able to draw from her vast experience, knowledge and skills and take you from zero to superhero in the blink of an eye!
Motivational Speaker Vision Board Workshop


To add further value to the personal development of yourself or your team, join Adél in a group session when she presents her popular workshops Building your Confidence / Creating your Vision Board / Effective Communication / Fat Loss

Confidence and Healthy Living Workshop

Growing your confidence is a lifelong commitment - just like building and maintaining muscle strength. When you feel confident, you'll experience an elevated mood and a heightened sense of self-esteem. And according to experts, confidence is even linked to weight loss success. With the internal belief that you can achieve your goals, you're more likely to do it. Inner confidence can be developed in numerous ways and in this workshop we’ll focus on key areas to develop and work on. You’ll learn how to break free from negativity in this interactive workshop and how to turn conversations with yourself into uplifting, confidence-cultivating building blocks towards a confident, successful life.

We also dive into health and wellness where the goal is not necessarily weight loss, but living a healthy lifestyle. If you need to lose weight to get there, we’ll help you with our holistic approach, starting with mindset. Healthy lifestyle changes can become new healthy habits and when you experience the benefits, we’re sure you will want to keep it up. This workshop is suitable for anyone at any age who is interested in personal growth, setting actionable goals and mapping out a road to achieve these goals.

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    Adél is a force to be reckoned with, her energy and style of delivering are contagious and keeps the audience engaged the whole time. She doesn't just talk the talk, she truly makes it happen and will do whatever it takes to lift other women entrepreneurs up, to empower and educate them along the way.
    Danell Wilson-PerlmanAmplify Africa Travel Program Founder
    We had Adél over for a motivational talk and it was so much fun! We were all uplifted and motivated by her friendly and bubbly personality. She has many wonderful ways of giving you insight into certain aspects of your life and whether it be work or personal related I’m sure everyone can benefit from spending time in her company.
    Strepies van WykRealty1 Agulhas, Principal / Property Consultant
    The Vision board workshop was a wonderful experience. It helped me to identify my goals and put them in order of merit. It feels like the mountain has been lifted off of my shoulders and now I can focus on the important things. Thank you Adél for your support and detailed yet understandable explaining.
    Madeline KrielEntrepreneur & Contestant in “Kokkodoor”