3 Crucial Steps To Start Your Healthy Lifestyle (And get rid of excess fat, for good.)

This is not a usual weight loss article.  It’s not about diets, exercise and dinner portions the size of match boxes.  We’re not going to force a 10-Days-to-Lose-10 kg-Program on you.  And we are not making any promises that you will lose weight if you follow these 3 steps.  YOU have to make that promise.  To no-one but yourself.    

Promises are not enough, though.  Good intentions, meal plans and shopping lists downloaded from the internet are not enough.  Deciding to try your best, nope, sorry…not what it’s about.  

With this system we start at the very beginning.  Your mind.  And more importantly your mindset.  How and what you think about weight, fat, nutrition and…shall we say…activity?  We’re not going to scare anyone by using words like diet and exercise.  That bus has come and gone!  So let’s get the vocabulary right: this is all about the right mindset, healthy eating and maintained activity.  We prefer to use the term fat loss as apposed to weight loss, because it is more accurate.  The aim is a healthy, balanced life – a benefit of which is the loss of excess fat.  Not muscle mass or water weight.

“Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change with it.”

Start With Your Mindset

Your mindset or thought patterns may very well be the reason why you have failed with fat loss programs in the past.  So many of us jump on the bandwagon when we hear about a new eating plan that promises to have us looking like a supermodel in 7 days.  Even if we manage to lose a few kilograms we always seem to put them back on with a bit of interest added.  Remember the cabbage soup diet?  Many of us lost 3kg and gained 7 kg back.  That’s a very high interest rate!

We believe that we have to ask ourselves the hard questions, look ourselves in the eye and answer them honestly.  Now is the time to be brutally honest and give yourself your best shot.  In the first step of this system we delve a little deeper.  We need guidance, to learn new techniques, and to discover new tools that enable us to change how we think and what we think.  These new techniques and tools should ultimately enable us to experience more success.  Look for universal tools can be applied to various aspects of your life.  If you use them, you may be astonished at the amazing feats you can accomplish.

“Healthy Eating, Healthy Life”

When we’re ready and have our heads in the game, we continue to explore food and nutrition.  We need to re-learn why food is important in our fat loss journey.  What role does food and nutrition play in our lifestyle and health?  We need to focus on our food choices and find out the truth about what we have been eating thus far.

There is a trend to medicate or take supplements.  Can you really take a supplement to make those rolls magically melt away?  How does nutritional supplements fit into a healthy lifestyle or a fat loss journey?  Nutrition is an important facet of fat loss and it should be close to the top of our priority list.

3 Step System Weight Loss

“Your body was designed for movement”

Do you hate exercise? Join the masses!  Most of us do not enjoy exertion.  And we will never tell you to run up 10 flights of stairs multiple times per day.  Similarly, walking to the post office once a week instead of driving probably won’t make a difference for everyone either.  So where is the golden middle ground? 

What does exercise do for us, how does it facilitate the process and get you closer to your ideal weight goals? We need to look at our expectations and examine how realistic they are.  Your preferred choice of movement may just be the ultimate exercise regime you need.  Going to the gym or joining an exercise class is not necessarily the way to go for everyone.  Think about what fits you personally so that you can stick with it for the long haul.  Because, let’s face it, the less you use your body for its intended purpose, the less mobile you will become.

3 Step Weight Loss System

We believe the journey to a healthy, balanced life should be practical and actionable.  And anyone should be able to do this.  All ages and all genders.  All levels of activity, whether you want to get into shape, drop a few dress sizes or lose a considerable amount of fat.  Once you understand how it all fits together and have all the tools under your belt, it should become a way of life.  A healthy lifestyle.  And that should really be the ultimate goal.

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3 Crucial Steps To Start Your Healthy Lifestyle (And get rid of excess fat, for good.)
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